Schönbrunn Palace

3 03 2010

After a few days in Vienna, just messing about and looking around the city core, we decided to jump on the Sub and visit palace Schönbrunn. In all honesty, I found myself sort of hating anyone and everyone living in places like that, but hey…luckily, we don’t have super-powerful, all-controlling, mob-manipulating leaders nowadays…yah… 🙂

Anyway, this is one of the Schönbrunn wings that is actually, to my recollection, not directly attached to the main building via a hallway, but it is adjacent to it. Currently, if memory serves me right, it holds the fancy chariots exhibit that Sissi and her kind used to ride about in.

One funny event I recall was shooting this 10-20 times, all in the attempt to avoid people passing by jumping into the shot, when a bunch of kids, like twenty of them, suddenly all marched on to the benches and sat down, all wearing the same hat on their heads, so they are recognizable and easier found if lost. I mean – if you never saw twenty kids wearing an identical, vividly coloured hat in the same place, you don’t know what you missed 🙂



2 03 2010

After a marvelously boring evening at my place, we decided to have some fun and do a ‘photo-session’. What started off as random shots, soon developed into a one-and-a-half hour strive to get the shot just the way we wanted it. And it turned out…well, see for yourselves!

The frame was an afterthought and I placed it there just so there is a frame. I might change it by the time I decide to do a print.